Chicken Blend


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Bramblehill's Healthy Choice has premium raw dog food manufactured from quality meats certain to contribute to your pet's overall growth, maintenance, repair, and reproduction.

Chicken, chicken necks, and backs, bok choy, carrots, yams, spinach, apple pulp, molasses, fish oil, kelp, apple cider vinegar, garlic, vitamin E.

Guaranteed Analysis

Meat Trim: 54%
Heart: 5%
Fruit and Veg: 17.5%
Liver: 4.25%
Bone Meal: 8.75%
Kidney: 4.5%
Blood: 3%
Lung: 1.5%
Molasses: 0.38%
Sunflower Oil: 0.25%
Fish Oil: 0.25%
Apple Cider Vinegar: 0.19%
Kelp: 0.19%
Garlic: 0.13%
Vitamin E: 0.13%

Feeding Guideline

Different dogs have different metabolisms, feed accordingly. All measurements are approximate.

Puppies or dogs under 30lbs: 1/3 of 1lb every 10lbs of body weight.
Junior dog: 1lb per 30lb of body weigth.
Active dog: 1lb per 50lb of body weight.
Senior dog: 1lb per 80lb of body weight.