We all like to get that perfect photo of our four-legged best friend, but sometimes it can be a challenge. Ellie Stivers, a feature photographer for Petcurean, has put together her top five tips on how to take a good pet photo.

1. Teach a good stay

Work on teaching your dog to stay in one spot by putting them in a position, such as a sit or a down. Tell them to stay or wait and take a step back, if they don’t move then give them a treat. Once they do this consistently you can start to build more distance by taking two, three, or four steps back and rewarding them for not moving. If they do move then don’t sweat it and just take a step forward and try again. You will swear that your dog is a statue in no time!

2. Get low

I bet I know your dog’s best angle, or at least one of them! Just like people, it is best to get low and take photos from your dog’s eye-line or lower. This angle really gives us a “dog’s eye view” of the world. Don’t be afraid to lay down to get the best angle for those smaller dogs.

3. Find the light

Many people think that the best dog photos are taken in direct sunlight, however, this is actually not the case. Direct sunlight on a nice, clear day will actually give your dog harsh shadows and bright highlights that make them lose a lot of their adorable face details. Try to take photos when it is a little overcast, or inside when it is still bright, but not directly in the sun. This will make sure your pup’s beautiful eyes pop!

4. Look past the cute face

One of the most commonly over-looked aspects of pet photography is the background. This can make or break a photo as your four-legged friend may be looking majestic when you take their photo, but when you look back there is a telephone pole protruding from their head. Just take a second, and make sure that your background is clear and then snap that picture!

5. Don’t forget to share!

This is a tip for all those media-savvy dogs out there with their own social media accounts. Don’t forget to share your adorableness with your followers and the world. Consistently posting a photo around the same time on a daily basis will keep your followers coming back and keep them engaged.


September 12, 2017 — Pet Pantry

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